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We were featured on oh, hello friend‘s letterpress week?! Danni featured business card printing, behind- scenes interviews and giveaways!! Learn more about the print process and other great print shops here! We are blushing!!!

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Real Men hold babies in the back of the church, garden, beach etc. of weddings! Oh, yes, those are days where you kill yourself trying to get your baby fed, changed, spit up free.. some how get yourself ready, only to arrive at an event where you spend the whole time walking them around in the back. And you wonder why new parents don’t get out much? How do you get anywhere on time when you kid has a dirty diaper all the time? The joys of parenthood…. newlyweds think it’s romantic to have an infant.. and wonder why the parents always look so “worn out”! Well I know, I would look and feel a million times worse if I didn’t have Troy entertaining Emma at most events!

Speaking of real men, remember in Jr. High the “cool” boys where the ones with fashionable shoes and were good at basketball, in high school they had a sweet car and were on the varsity team. In college, cool guys had a sophisticated major, traveled abroad and could philosophize on the world economy. Some how along the way “cool” guys evolved into “changing poppy diapers” and “get up with the kids in the middle of night” kind of guys. It didn’t matter where you graduated from, what your biceps look like , the balance of your 401K portfolio or how much hair you have on your head.. it really just comes down to if you’ll let me sleep in another 3o minutes. Want to be a “cool” guy take a cue from the guys above!

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photography above and below by Axioo photography

In my sea of laundry and toddler whining, I think I’d like to sail away today to Santorini…

I’d like to go sailing, soak in the hot springs of Santorini Volcano, dive in Amoudi Bay, enjoy Greek food at Fanari and take a very long nap at this luxury hotel. ! Ahhh.. it’s nice to dream:-) Happy Wednesday!

(You know you are old when you daydream about taking a nap!!!)

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Ken Kienow photography

After a weird spring of sunshine days followed by blustery wet days, I’m curious to see how today turns out. It’s suppose to rain later today, I hope not… Emma and I miss the sunshine when we are stuck in the house. The green hills that surround us are a gorgeous backdrop, that nature provide free of charge!

Jose Villa photography above

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image above by Ken Kienow

This weekend was such a beautiful beach weekend, warm, breezy and lots of sunshine. I had the chance to catch up with my old high school English teacher, Mr. Main!! He always has such deep thoughts and great questions. It’s hard to believe I’ve known him half of my lifetime!!! It only reinforced my belief that I truly know some of the most amazing people in the world! Hope your weekend was refreshing!

Tec Petja photography above

Tanja Lippert photography above

Axioo photography

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stephanie williams

Tangerine fizzy love. This warm, bright color is so cheery. It’s can have a vintage twist. I love this color with bright poppies, lemon yellow and creamy white. Perfect for a summer wedding. Wishing the rain clouds would clear today!

wildflower linens

floral design above by Rosenow SF

Tanja Lippert

image above via Kelly Oshiro Events- Santa Barbara chic blog.. love this look created by Kelly, she is so talented!!

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Emma is such a girly girl. She loves high heel shoes, jewelry, lip gloss and tulle. Watch out world! She would love this look, especially since she now likes to pick out her own clothes at 21 months!!! I think I need to start saving for her wedding now!

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Stephanie Williams photography above

Who doesn’t love a cute puppies face?! For pet lovers, including their four legged friends is of course important! Make sure your doggy is well fed, and comfortable with strangers. Make sure your wedding venue is pet friendly, outdoor locations are ideal. Personalizing your event, is all that much sweeter sharing it with our furry friends!

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photography above by Stephanie Williams

bring May flowers….

image above via oh, hello friend

After lots of rain here we welcomed the sunshine. The beach run was beautiful and clear this year… yet a higher tide meant lots more rocks to push the jogging stroller over. Troy did awesome, most importantly lots of local foster kids where helped! What did you do this weekend? B

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Megan W photography above

Everyone is fighting colds here, but we hope to be out for Miracle Miles for Kids this weekend. To learn more about this cool event, check out more here!

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