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photogarphy above by Meg Smith

Love these shoots including your favorite pets!

image above by Katie Moos

Image above by Alisha Clark

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John and Joseph Photography

because I know I can’t shoot this…..

one and only palmilla Resort in Cabo San Lucas- victor Sizemore photography

Jesse & Whit Photography above
Leigh Miller Photography

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photography above by Leigh Miller

In college, when “everyone” was getting married, we had marathon wedding summers. (I had to pay for my own travel, gifts, throwing bridal parties etc.) Most wedding were spent taking notes on what I liked and would and wouldn’t do at my own wedding.

In high school wedding were rare, mysterious and only a few high school friends immediately got married. (My parents paid for the gifts:)

In middle school… weddings were for “adults” lots of talking, you had to sit still and be quiet, kinda boring. (Gifts? I wasn’t expected to give gifts.. that’s what mom and dad are for.)

In primary school and before weddings were “magical”. Big dresses, fancy shoes, kinda like dress up. I had no idea how decisions were made, what kind of flowers were in season or how much live music costs. As a kid to be involved in a wedding as a flower girl was very cool. Maybe that’s one reason we had so many kids in our own wedding.

For more on kids and planning.. check out an old post here.

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image above via Creature Comforts blog.

After reviewing some of our favorite baked goods, Troy and I also love fruit sorbets. Here are some fruity color ideas!!!

image above by Stephanie Williams

image above via Sweet Paul Blog

vintage look above by Lisa Lefkowitz Photography

image above and below by Nicole Hill

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Sometimes I get into a baking mood, and last week I kinda went crazy. Troy and I tend to like the same foods, which is dangerous. We both love our bread and carbs. Here is a quick picture review of our week. All you need is some yeast and bread flour. Sit back and enjoy the show! My favorite was the soft pretzels I made above. It took us less than a day to consume a dozen of them!!

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls, really are best hot out of the oven! I prefer them without icing. I forgot to take a picture after they came out of the oven.

My Grandma Todd’s Oatmeal cookies. I made them when my parents were here, and they turned out terrible. I had to remake them and they turned out fine. Weird!

Homemade pasta.. recipe here. It’s very easy.. I made mine without a pasta machine.. just roll the dough thin and use a pizza cutter to cut the dough.

Kalamata Olive Bread.. I like this Panera Bread recipe.. I had to let it rise longer than it said..

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all image by Carrie Patterson Photography

Looking to escape the urban sprawl? Rustic, country weddings are the perfect way to have a laid back, casual gathering. There are rustic mountain events, prairie open country, chic oak tree weddings in California, and vintage barn receptions.

Jackson Hole, Wy, is a gorgeous destination wedding location for the perfect summer ranch wedding. Outdoor ceremonies and receptions are popular amid brilliant wildflowers on the banks of the Snake River, in the shadow of the Tetons.

Jackson Hole has weather worn barns, open green fields and spectacular views. Guests can of course enjoy Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park.

Coren Moore bridemaids
Carrie Patterson Photography above in Jackson Hole

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Have you seen Kelly’s new Santa Barbara Chic blog? It has more great features, enjoy the new layout. Love it Kelly!

Photography by Tim Halberg

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Yummy Lemon Souffle… I’ve been on a baking kick.. here are a few of my favorite recipes..
Pastry Studio: Cold Lemon Souffle
Lemon Souffle Pudding

design by Oh My Deer, photography by Tec Petaja Photography

image above by Our Labor of Love

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image above by Tanja Lippert

I can’t tell you how popular it is to be married in or around a vineyard these days. Who knew it could be so chic around rows of grapes?! Thankfully vineyards are all over the West Coast and many parts of the US. Here is a little inspiration!

image above by Country Living

photography above by Cameron Ingalls

image above by Tec Petaja

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I love the family grouping here… unique and cool. Photography above by Tanja Lippert

image above by Boutwell Studios

Family is great, but when it comes to wedding planning, we can love them, or they can drive us insane. Just when you may have a handle on your own unique, somewhat functional family, you then have to deal with the soon be in-laws. Face it, everyone has a crazy uncle, and just choosing who will walk you down the aisle can get political. Set expectations, lay down the ground rules and remind everyone that for at least one day, you’d like them to all be on their best behavior, if only for you. I think family drama is the #1 reason couples elope. Speaking of eloping, here is one planned in Mexico that is to die for!

image above by Parker J. Pfister

Mi Belle Photography I love this family picture idea, great way to include all generations.

image above by Parker J Pfister

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