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Today I give you a bunch of totally random things I’m loving. For starters Utterly Engaged is an awesome new e-zine, with tons of inspiration. I think I need to throw a party just use this amazing look above in lemon and sea green. Perfect for summer!

It can’t be summer without ice cream. Currently Troy and I are on a root beer float kick, with Virgil’s Root Beer.. I highly recommend it! Image above by Ann Stratton, via Kelly Oshiro Events.

Great photography above by Lisa Leonard as always! Cuteness created by Andy and Jeannett! To read and appreciate all the work that went into delivering these little girls, Jeannett’s blog is a must read! Makes my life quite boring!

Loving this great shabby chic wedding today at Style Me Pretty!

Finally flea market finds in this french style on sfgirlbybay’s new blog. Makes me want to stop in Mill Valley next time I’m in the Bay Area! Be inspired! b

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Sorry for my lack of posts.. family has been in town and we’ve managed to go to the beach 3x this week. Anyway, I’m back and soooo excited to share the work of a talented photographer in my own backyard! Ken Kienow is based in San Luis Obispo, CA and his been kind enough to share a little bit about himself and some photography advice. Enjoy getting to know more of Ken’s heart and work!

Do you travel for events?

I love travelling for events. Shooting in new locations is fun and exciting, and gets me away from some of the places I frequently shoot in my local area, which is nice.

Where do you get inspiration?

I get my inspiration from my clients, mostly. Every couple interacts in a different way, and their personalities really end up dictating much of what I do on shoots. I like it that way – it makes a session as unique as the couple that’s being photographed. Besides my clients, I gain inspiration from nature and man-made elements. I’m always noticing new patterns, textures, landscapes, and ways of shooting even when I’m without my camera. Lastly, I get inspiration from viewing the work of other photographers (wedding and non-wedding). Often I’ll see a shot from a talented photographer and end up incorporating a variation of it into a shoot. Inspiration is everywhere, really. :)

What are some of your favorite things to shoot?

I pretty much only shoot couples. There’s so much energy, anticipation, and love in wedding photography given that my subjects are in-love and getting married. :) Having a couple by myself is definitely my most favorite thing to shoot. It just feels like I’m having fun hanging out with awesome people while creating photos that they and their descendants will treasure for a loooooooong time. How could that NOT be great? :)

Sidenote: I had to slip in this photo.. as locals may recognize someone above:-)

How can a couple best prep for a photo shoot?

In some ways it can be tough to prep for a photo shoot, since a lot of time people don’t know what to expect. Often they’re still expecting it to be a rigid, super-posed, awkward thing. Almost every shoot I do ends with the couple saying, “wow, that was much easier than I thought it would be!”. The best prep is the first 10-15 minutes of a shoot. During that first 10-15 minutes, a couple realizes that they can really be themselves and that the shoot is more of a hang-out session than a Sears family portrait. Probably the best prep a couple can do before a shoot is to really “get into” each other – if you’re arguing before coming, finish that argument before we start. If you wanna have a glass of wine to loosen up a bit, go for it. You want to feel as “lovey” and happy as possible before we start. On the wedding day, people are usually pretty happy to begin with. :)

all images by Ken Kienow Photography

Thanks so much for sharing with us Ken! I love his use of color, composition and light. Oh so magazine worthy shots. Check out his blog and website for more inspiration!! Thank you again!!

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Another great touch of bling with these unique hanging escort cards! So creative…

images above by Victor Sizemore

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Victor Sizemore above and below

In the great large scheme of a wedding, it’s sometimes those little touches that really are beautiful. Here are a few of my favorite pieces of bling. I love simplicity, but every once in awhile I love a stunning piece of over sized jewelry. Enjoy!

Regina B above

Regina B hair clip above

Gorgeously simple image above by Jose Villa.. need I say more?

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This Monday, I’m so excited to share the work and passion of Meg of Meg Fish Photography based in Santa Barbara CA. She loves, loves, to capture images of pregnant moms, newborns and families. Beyond her precious photography, check out her inspiration link on her website with monthly creative ideas to display and enjoy photography. I love this month’s inspiration of a french letter board!!

Meg is also running a holiday card giveaway, check out her blog for details! Enjoy her beautiful work and have a great Monday! b

all image from Meg Fish Photography

Thanks Meg for allowing us to share your work and talent!

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I’m finally catching up on some personal stuff. Yes, Emma is 1 years old.. and yes that is a strawberry cupcake she’s got. In her mind her first experience with a lot of sugar was OK… but not all that amazing.. more fun to play with than eat. (She actually likes our electric toothbrush on her gums better than just about anything in this world!!! Have I really brainwashed her or what!!)

Grandma and Grandpa where here for her b-day.. here she is playing with Grandpa on the lawn. (Note: his shirt has a pic of another 8 grand kids they have in Oregon.) Emma is #12 for them!

Emma also had a pool party with her many fans that adore her. It was needless fun watching her showered with love by her foster family. The girl has quite the fan club… I think she could go on tour!

July 4th we went to our church picnic.. here is Emma with her funny camera face.

She loves this rocking chair given to us, by Troy’s work. She climbs in and out of all day long. She feels like such a big girl rocking herself. Deep down she really believes she’s 7 years old. She’s picking up new tricks everyday.. learning more sign language, babbling more, “reading” more books, dancing to music etc. etc.

We love you Sweet Pea!

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So after reviewing the past.. here are a few things that I believe will define this decade of wedding style. First off this is truly the digital age, with digital photography and Internet wedding networking. To that, one of the biggest changes I’ve seen is in wedding photography and videography. In the last decade photography for weddings, composition, lighting etc has amazing, truly an art!!! There are so many more styles.. than just photojournalism! I love the relaxed, fun look, along with more personal moments caught between family and friends.

Shoes have become a wedding and magazine obsession. For the best in shoes, check out Kelly’s Shoes Picks.. always amazing!

image above by Meg Smith

Everything vintage is new again. From scooters to bicycles to typewriters! My Grandmother’s would laugh if they could see it now!!

Image above by Victor Sizemore

There are a million things I would have never guessed would have become so popular! A decade a ago I could have never imaged all the outdoor events, unique venues, environmentally friendly weddings, cool themes, personalized touches, colors palettes, destination weddings etc. etc.

My original vision of retro yellow….

a before shoot of a vintage yellow bathroom via design*sponge

image above by Alisha Clark

Now what I think of when I think retro yellow…..

dress via Project Wedding

This is the decade of the strapless dress! It’s all about simple silhouettes and usually a train, but not a big one. Gone are the puffy sleeves and large headpieces.

This is also the decade of the amazing fondant cakes. Thanks to Martha Stewart for bring the shaped stacked cakes to the masses. Gone are the bubble fountains in and around the cake. Couture cake design is to die for!

white wedding cakes via Real Simple
dessert bar by Oh, How Charming

Wedding jewelry before….

image above by Victor Sizemore

And after….

Square cut engagement ring with bead set diamonds is very hot right now. Bling is back and it’s all Platinum! I don’t even wear that much jewelry, but I love my wedding ring and it’s the one thing, the one part of the wedding I see and enjoy daily.

Traditional and trendy themes collide in current wedding culture…. modern, urban chic. Rustic retro country, New England Nautical, Southern Elegance, Beach Simplicity.

Think about the networking, peer review, vendor reviews, blogs, websites etc to gather inspiration and information from. It will be interesting to see what the future holds.. hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Thanks for the shout out .. I’m flattered to listed on the Top 10 Stylish Wedding Blogs.. by Santa Barbara Chic! Blushing.. b

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Image above from will you be my bridesmaid blog

Welcome to the ’90′s! While men’s fashion is slowly becoming more classic, I can’t say that bridal fashion is all that classic. This is still the era of lots of stuff… remember the chocker necklaces, lace, puffy sleeves, HUGE ball gowns, lace, sequin bodices, veil headpieces, long sleeves dresses and gloves!
Hair is still big, pulled up in an updo with a few wispy tendrils falling around the face.

Weddings are moving more to lunchtime / early afternoon affairs, with full meals being served.

We also start to see a new wave of talent and style emerge. By the late 1990′s Vera Wang comes onto the scene and designer wedding dresses start to become more main stream. We start to see the beginning of what will become a wedding mega of the Knot, and Martha Stewart Weddings. It’s these power houses of fresh style that really change weddings into couture, elaborately planned, designer wedding events!

While MS had special feature wedding issues in the ’90′s, it wasn’t until ’99 that MS Weddings was it’s own as its own entity that published issues quarterly. The simple, gorgeous photography and layout become a signature look that is still hugely popular today. Less is slowly becoming more.

OK, so the picture above is not a wedding, but prom. It’s hard to believe I once thought those kinds of dresses were super cool. Yikes! (FYI- I have no idea who the people are above.. but I’m pretty sure my friends had dresses just like that!)

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Brides Magazine in 1983 with Brooke Shields on the cover

Oh yes, nothing like starting a Monday with the 1980′s, a decade in which I was actually alive in! I was a flower girl a few times in the 80′s. For me, weddings were very magical, lots of puffy dresses, lace and silk flowers. This was a time of permed big hair, big dresses, flashy make up.

By the late 1980′s Martha Stewart Weddings was begin to influence wedding style. I remember huge white cakes topped with butter cream frosting with a basket weave design. The main focus of most wedding magazines still is on the dress and maybe the cake. We have yet to see the variety of themes, colors and venues now seen everywhere in the wedding world. Not many “real wedding” features. This is still before the Internet, so all your vendors typically were local, no blogs, no networking sites, no vendor reviews or digital imaging. Photography at this time was still very traditional.. everyone stands in a line *snap*.

Princess Diana in 1981

Bigger was better in the 1980′s. Wedding fashion was highly influenced by the puff ball meringue wedding dress that Princess Diana become so famous for. The beautiful dress was based on a romantic look of huge puffed sleeves with a full skirt of ivory silk pure taffeta, old lace and hand embroidery incorporating 10,000 pearls and sequins.

image via Will You Be My Bridesmaid blog

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