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Grandpa and Grandma in 1938

Prince Phillip and Princess Elizabeth

This era was marked in bridal fashion by puffy sleeves (not as puffy as Anne of Green Gables though.) This gathered sleeve was in the Gibson style.

As WWII broke out, large elaborate weddings turned to small civil ceremonies, with grooms in uniform and short belted dresses for the bride. While bridal fashion turned practical, doing your hair during wartime became more glamorous. It was vogue to wear your hair on top of your head in a waved roll. Think Casablanca and It’s a Wonderful Life.

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This week I wanted to highlight wedding trends through the years. Today I thought we’d start with the roaring 20′s with drop waist dresses, long necklaces, geometric graphics, lots of dancing, bobbed hair, jazz and art deco. It was a time famous for chaplet headpieces- headbands sitting on the forehead.

To inspire your own event, think Chicago & Great Gatsby. Other great art deco inspiration can be found at the Casino on Catalina Island and The Queen Mary docked in Long Beach.

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images above and below by Stephanie Williams Photography

Retro is all the rage these days.. maybe it’s because it reminds us of a simpler time. I love the classic lines and timeless look of mid-century decor and fashion. Enjoy a few vintage looks this Friday. Have a wonderful weekend! b

image above by Nicole Hill

Stephanie Williams photography

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If I haven’t been returning your e-mails or blogging much, it’s because we’ve been in San Diego to have yet another welcome party for Emma. Thanks so much to Robin, Dave, Amy, LaDonna and Melanie for making the day so special.

Emma loves babies younger than her.. she just shows her love by…

trying to eat them! Here she is “loving” baby Steven above.

It was great to see her play with other kids and hang out with older cousins, Kelsey, Danica and Luke!

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* the fabulous work of Alicia Bock photography above. a must see!

* a great interview with Amy Atlas over at decor8. Click here to check it out. Inspires me to press on…

* this DIY project for garland and cupcake toppers on Creature Comforts.

* for all you locals, we’re enjoying fresh beets & greens at SLO Grown Organics. check them out here, and visit them at the Arroyo Grande Farmers Market!

* i’m thinking about making these chocolate cupcake ice creams. the recipe is here!!

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Nothing is more “fairytale” like than soft hues of pink. The lightest blush color is stunning with greys, golds or black. Here are a few of my other favorite pink posts…..

Gold & Blush

Extra Pink Please

Feminine in Soft Pink

image above by Alisha Clark- Vera Wang bridesmaids dresses

image above via Flickr
Labor of Love image above

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Emma & Daddy at 7 months old

Here are some of my favorite pictures of our dads and Troy. We love them so!

Waking up from a nap with Daddy.. Emma at 10 months old.

Emma & Grandpa Hawkins in San Diego

Emma with Grandpa & Grandma at Easter
Baby Becky and Dad
Baby Troy & Dad

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image above by Alexandra Grabelewski

What are the simple things that make you blissful? Here are a few of mine…

Troy getting up with Emma in the morning so I can sleep in.
All the items on my “to do” list crossed off.
A good phone call from an old friend.
Clean sheets.
Ice cream when it just starts to melts.
Snuggly babies when they first wake up.

image by Nicole Polk above

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Sugar Plum is doing a giveaway at Imperfect today! Lindsey is hosting a custom letterpress set for one lucky winner! You could win 30 personalized letterpressed cards! Check out all the great stuff at The Pleated Poppy.. super cute! Good luck. Enter here

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image via Project Wedding

image above by Meg Smith

Tents always have seemed magical to me. Maybe it’s because tents can completely transform an empty beach, lawn, outdoor patio, urban plaza, golf course, vineyard, or meadow into a fantastic, unique reception venue. Of course these gorgeous tents aren’t weather resistant.. but with the lighting, draping and flooring they are stunning. If you’re planning on tenting a large space I highly recommend using an event planner to deal with the logistics of power, space, permits if needed, set up and tear down etc. etc.

image via Project Wedding

Flowers by Flower Girls

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